010Summer is almost officially over; the days are shortening and the light is changing; there’s a decided nip to the morning air.  The gardens aren’t giving up yet, though–there are still plenty of flowers ready to strut their stuff on this September Bloom Day!

The bed near my front door, featuring Ageratum, Dusty Miller, Wax Begonias, a zonal geranium, African Daisy ‘Voltage Yellow’, and Zinnia ‘Zahara Fire’:Front door corner, 9/14Next year I won’t bother with the African Daisy or geranium here, but will rather plant three of the ‘Zahara’ zinnias.  The African Daisy spent too much “dark” time between bloom cycles, and the geranium never grew tall enough to stand out well.  The zinnia, however, is easily seen from the street.

The self-seeded Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’ still spread cheer and attract bumblebees at the corner of the garage:004Wax begonias and Sweet Alyssum fill in the space under the rhododendron near the driveway, while morning glories wind their way through it:071006Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ gives the self-sown Cleome (probably ‘Queen Mix’) a run for its money in the rock garden:Sedum 'Autumn Joy'I am not sure I like the two next to each other, and am actually considering cutting the Cleome down at this point.  If I do that, the Sheffield Daisy that’s all but hidden back there may actually be seen when it blooms next month!  What would you do?073At the opposite end of the rock garden, the Black-eyed Susans, though near the end of their season, still add a big pop of color:  

015Aster ‘Peter III Blue’ is a fine companion for them:018The vegetable garden is still giving me tomatoes and cucumbers, with some spinach on the way, but mostly it’s a flower garden now, with Marigold ‘Jaguar’, volunteer Cleomes, Zinnia ‘Fruit Smoothie’, and some sunflowers:045053054This volunteer sunflower just keeps giving and giving:047This deep burgundy one is appropriately called ‘Chianti’:051Up in the lasagna garden, both Heuchera ‘Paris’ and Salvia greggii ‘Rose Pink’ still look fresh:058069Chelone ‘Hot Lips’ (Turtlehead) flourished in its mostly shaded conditions, and was buzzing with bees all day today:076064080Down in the Terrace Garden, more Cosmos ‘Sensation’, transplanted from the garage corner, dominate the shrubs.  I think I’ll have plenty of volunteers here next year:030Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’ still has a few blooms and stands over a carpet of Portulaca ‘Sundial Pink’ and ‘Stopwatch Fuchsia’ at her feet:033Dogwood Corner is ablaze with yellow and orange marigolds, ‘Bonanza Orange and Yellow’, and ‘Hero Yellow’:036Marigold ‘Hero Yellow’ stands in front of Salvia ‘Evolution’.  The Salvia was very slow to bloom, but has certainly come along well now:043Finally, the Cleome (again, I think ‘Queen Mix’) seem to be having quite the party in the back! Most of these plants have at least four branches, topped by large flower heads:038I hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of my garden this month.  To see more, click on this link to May Dreams Gardens to see what’s going on in other bloggers’ gardens on this lovely bloom day!023