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Yesterday was the monthly Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, when bloggers are invited by Carol at May Dreams Gardens to show off all that is blooming in their gardens.  It’s a great way to become familiar with new blogs and make new gardening friends!

Because I posted an extensive Bloom Day post, I did not put up my entry for Cathy’s weekly meme, In a Vase on Monday.  However, the days of being able to just pop out to the garden to cut some flowers are numbered here in the Northeast, so I didn’t want to miss this week’s opportunity.  032I used what I have a lot of: Zinnias (in this case ‘Zahara Fire’), Salvia ‘Evolution Blue’, assorted Coreopses, and feathery Cosmos foliage.  I also grit my teeth and cut one of the three perennial sunflower blooms in the Terrace Garden.

Aren’t the purple stems of the Salvia just stunning?038Now for Tuesday’s Views, in which I show you one or more long views of my gardens, rather than the general up close and personal pictures of individual flowers and plants.  Today I bring you:

A Terrace Garden Three Way!

When I step out my front door in the morning, I see the downhill end of the Terrace Garden, from the back.  004

It makes me happy to see the heads of the tall Cleome bobbing about in the breeze that nearly always blows up here on my hill, and I’ve enjoyed seeing them grow taller and fuller with each passing week.  Next year, I plan to extend the line to the left end of the wall.  In fact, I’ve already broken open seed pods and scattered them there!

I will also plant more bright yellow marigolds in the space to the left of the Kousa Dogwood tree, and the jury is out whether I will plant any blue-violet Salvia down there again.  It is lovely up close, but kind of gets lost in the long view.  It also took a very long time to come into full bloom.  Additionally, I wish there were more color in the patch of Cosmos on the right, but that is the bunch the deer nibbled on early in July.  They recovered, but are delayed.  The deer did not touch the patch farther up the bed.

Finally, I will be interested to see how much taller those two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees in the center of the picture are in a year.  They are supposed to be slow growers, so the change may be minimal.

Now here is what the Terrace Garden looks like when I pull out of my driveway and head down the road:015It’s a rather pleasing view, I think.  A bit empty on the upper end (the perennial section), but I’m working on filling it!  This upper corner is shaded only during the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky.  Most of the garden receives full sun from shortly after sunrise until late afternoon, when the sun is low enough to cast the shadow of the house over it.

Coming up the hill, this is what I see:019Lots of color in Dogwood Corner, and too many weeds on the lower level of boxwoods! This very picture inspired me to go out and weed this afternoon!  Luckily, most of the weeds were easy to pull, and the job took only forty-five minutes.  By that time, the light was too dull to take a decent picture!

Can you see the weed growing out of the lower wall in the middle left of the picture?  Turns out it isn’t a weed, but a Butterfly Bush, seeded no doubt by one of the many in my neighbor’s yard!  It even has a blossom!  That “weed” was allowed to stay.

Looking at the garden from a broad view is a good idea from time to time, both in terms of design decisions and basic housekeeping!  Now, I hope you’ll forgive me for cheating a little, but I cannot resist yet another shot of the fireworks in the Cleome patch!