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My ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum is at its peak now, so I knew I wanted to begin with that for a Monday vase this week.  Pairing the burgundy Sedum with pink Cosmos ‘Sensation’ seemed like a good idea.  003Except it wasn’t.  It seemed to need a spark,  and I didn’t like those tall Cosmos in the middle.

So I gave up on an all-pink theme and added some yellow ‘Jaguar’ Marigolds.  I think they were just the ticket!  I also pulled the tall, attention commanding Cosmos out of the middle.013The vase is Fenton Glass, pressed with a daffodil pattern.  I love the vase, but its narrow bottom and wide opening make it difficult to use.  I really had to cram the thick Sedum stems in there!  The thin stems of the Cosmos and Marigolds were easier to tuck in, but they come nowhere close to reaching the bottom of the vase.  I’ll have to keep the water level high in this one!

Cool weather seems to bring a richer, more vibrant color to the Cosmos than I see in the heat of the summer.


I played around with some foliage ideas, but none of them thrilled me.  However, I do have an idea already for next week’s vase!  I even wrote it on a Post-It note and stuck it to the calendar so I’ll remember!  033

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