The idea for this week’s vase came to me while I was playing around with foliage ideas for last week’s arrangement featuring Autumn Joy Sedum, marigolds, and Cosmos.  I tried adding a small branch of dark burgundy coleus to that bouquet, but it wasn’t a good fit.

I was taken, however, with the combination of the coleus with the Cosmos; thus, this week’s vase was born:003Cosmos have a relatively short vase life, so I chose flowers that are not one hundred percent open.  Judging from previous experience, these will probably last until Friday.  The Coleus, of course, will last all winter; in fact, I plucked some of these branches out of the jarful I set to rooting last night.  (Update:  The Cosmos in this vase lasted and looked nice for a full week before they started to droop and drop some petals.)

I’m quite fond of how well the Cosmo’s bud matches the Coleus’s foliage:034Regular readers of my “In a Vase” posts must be tired of my Cosmos by now!  I promise I will bring you something different next week.  012I decided to play with some chartreuse Coleus as well:038This vase holds stems from two Coleus plants, as well as two stems of Pineapple Sage. I thought it would look nice to have a long sprig of chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine trailing down the side of the vase, but I couldn’t make it work.

Can you guess what the tiny yellow flowers are?022These are blossoms from some lettuce that went to seed in the vegetable garden.  I think they add just the right subtle touch of color to the arrangement.  They exude a milky liquid when cut, though, that muddles up the water.  (Update:  the lettuce blossoms lasted only a day.  They closed up over night, and no more opened.  The little branch of pineapple sage did not last long, either, wilting completely by the third day.  The coleus, though, kept beautifully, and the arrangement still looked nice all week.)023Be sure to visit Cathy at Rambling in the Gardento see more lovely arrangements!