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027Today was the sort of day you want to bottle up in a jar so it will never end.  I just could not get enough of the golden views around my yard!

Since I’m combining the usual End of Month View with my new Tuesday’s Views feature, I bring you long views of each of my gardens today, starting with this picture of what you would see as you pull into my driveway:001

The lasagna garden is up the hill under the copse of trees on the left.  The very yellowed Bleeding Heart stands out.

Here’s a closer shot of the rock garden, where Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ has turned to deep burgundy, and the ferns are working toward tones of russet and gold:010Early in September, I freshened up the containers on the side porch, pulling the severely mildewed morning glories down from the pillars, and replacing some sad-looking petunias and snap dragons with chrysanthemums and asters:004The Scaveola and Marguerite Daisies have tirelessly pumped out blooms for four months now, and the Bacopa is in the midst of a prolific resurgence.  The bright orange and yellow Lantana, the paler orange nasturtiums, and the maroon foliage of the coleus, Canna lily, and sweet potato vine all bridged from summer to fall quite well.

Around the corner of the side porch, Rosey the cat surveys the Blue and Yellow garden:021I’m happy the pale purple ‘Peter III’ Aster finally opened.  It looks nice in there with the darker violet Salvia ‘Evolution’, don’t you think?

Here are the Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’ at the front corner of the house.  It’s been very dry here all month, and a few of the plants are brown and a bit crispy, but others still seem fresh:023Walking down the sidewalk, we come to the little patch of ‘Zahara’ Zinnias and African Daisies.  It’s hard to see them here, but the yellow daisies look better now than they did all summer:

024Here’s the Terrace Garden on the way down the hill:028And here it is again, coming back up:033I’m very happy with the marigolds, and the blue Salvia has come into its own now, especially that patch to the right of the Kousa Dogwood tree.  I was on the fence about using it again next year; now I believe I will.

While tidying up the Terrace Garden before the picture-taking, I went to the geraniums with deadheading in mind, and found this:039Who the heck eats geraniums?

Around the back of the house, the “vegetable garden” is still very colorful:051

There really still are vegetables in there–you can see the cherry tomatoes near the sunflowers, and there are three other varieties farther in, as well as some cucumber vines that are still producing.  If I had bothered to water it regularly, I’d probably have some baby spinach ready to pick, too. . .

Finally, here is a very long view of the hills that frame our town, taken from the second floor deck at the front of the house.  It seems to say, “September was a very good month indeed!”055