September has come to an end, so it’s time for some self-accountability.  Just how did I do with that September to-do list?

To start with, I ordered my bulbs, from  John Scheepers, and the box arrived on Tuesday.  It seems I ordered thirty-six pounds worth of daffodils, tulips, and amaryllises!  2014 bulb order

I also ordered perennials, from two new-to-me vendors, and put those babies in the ground with unusual efficiency on my part.  And yes, I moved some plants around up in the lasagna garden, too.  Here are  Heuchera ‘Marvelous Marbles’ and Salvia lyreta ‘Purple Knockout’, two plants in my outstanding shipment from Santa Rosa Gardens:021

I wish you could have smelled my kitchen the day I made pesto sauce, with the sharp pungency of the basil and garlic, and the mellowness of the roasted pine nuts. Heavenly!  I freeze it in ice-cube trays, then transfer the cubes to freezer bags: 035

There’s still usable basil in the garden, so once I remember to buy more parmesan cheese, I can make another batch.

Tomatoes made a frequent appearance on the dinner table, to the point that my children started groaning, “Tomatoes again?”  They just don’t know. . .  I also had enough Romas that I made a batch of plain tomato sauce for the freezer.  The kitchen smelled nicer the day I made the pesto sauce!  This ‘Old German’ was delicious in a sandwich with hummus, baby greens, and feta cheese:028

Ceasing to water the amaryllises was the easiest thing on the list to accomplish.  They’re still on the deck, but well under an overhang so there’s no danger of them getting rained on (should it actually decide to rain!).  The greens are dying back more slowly than I would like:041

I did take cuttings, just four days ago, and some of the Coleus has already sent out roots!  I was pleased to find that Pineapple Sage also roots well, albeit more slowly, so I don’t need to overwinter the large plant it became!   I hope to see roots on the clippings of Salvia greggii soon.  032

I collected seeds from the Morning Glories, Cleome, and Cosmos the same day I took the cuttings. 019 I want to save seeds from the Four O’Clocks and Salvia ‘Evolution’ as well, but they’re not quite ready yet.  The Four O’Clocks have just a few ripe seed pods:025

Speaking of seeds, I planted a new row of spinach, and then promptly neglected to water it during our very dry month of September.  Just this week I have given it a couple good soakings, but I doubt that there’s time enough left for it to grow to sandwich size now.  036

I have to give myself an Incomplete on the houseplants.  Most of them still reside on the front porch.  As the temperatures flirted with the upper 30s a few nights this month, I did take pity on the African violets and orchids and brought them in the house, but the rest still wait for a sense of urgency to strike me!038

With partial credit for the spinach and the houseplants, I think my grade would be a 90%, or a B+ by my kids’ school’s standards.  I would probably harangue my kids about that, but I’m not unhappy with myself!   Now it’s time to think about October’s tasks; I’ll publish that list soon!  Item number one surely will be, “Bring the houseplants in,” followed closely by, “Plant bulbs!”