This week’s vase features ornamental grass, ‘Jaguar’ marigolds, ‘Fruit Smoothie’ zinnias, and ‘Violet Queen’ (I think!) cleome:054The grass comes to me thanks to the kindness of my neighbors, who said, “Sure, take all you want!” when I asked whether I might cut some stems from their enormous plants:027I don’t know my grasses, so maybe someone can ID this for me.  It’s huge–six to seven feet tall–and very reliably hardy.  We’ve lived here eleven years, and this grass has grown tall and wide every year without fail.  It shares its bed with several Buddleia bushes which did very poorly this year.

I had thought it would be nice to use some of this grass in a lovely autumnal vase my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas last year, but I found the flowers and the vase distracted from each other:032

An unwelcome guest came in with the flowers.  It was summarily dispatched back outside:029The extra stems of grass landed in my blue pottery vase, with a few sprigs of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’:047This dark corner may not be the best place to highlight this little arrangement!

Finally, here is a jarful of beautiful dahlias, given to me by a friend who grew them in her garden.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  The pink one is seven inches wide!049This has convinced me that I must try to grow my own dahlias next summer!  Can anyone speak to their critter-resistance?  My friend has regular visits from deer, so it seems they don’t bother dahlias, but she doesn’t have any of my particular nemesis, woodchucks!

Thanks very much to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly meme and inspiring us all to bring some of our gardens’ beauty inside!  You can see what other gardeners are doing this week and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own lovely vases by clicking the link and reading the comments.  043