All indications pointed to a killing frost last night, so I spent some time yesterday afternoon choosing and cutting the best blooms remaining in my gardens.  First, I had to clip and save the one Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Sedona’ blossom of the year:033‘Sedona’ had a slow year of recovery since I moved it to a new location last year.

I added a bit of my neighbor’s Miscanthus, probably Zebra Grass, to make it an arrangement with fall flavor:031


I re-used the grass from last week’s arrangements in a vase with a few multi-flowered stems of Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’ and several stems of Salvia ‘Evolution’:024The week-old grass flowers have gone from sleek and silky to soft and fluffy.  I like it both ways!


Finally, I picked several of the nicest blooms from the vegetable patch–sunflowers, yellow ‘Jaguar’ marigolds and orange-red ‘Best Mix’ French marigolds, purple Cleome, and ‘Fruit Smoothie’ zinnias, as well as a stem of Cosmos I didn’t use in the previous vase–to make this cheerful mixed bouquet:003It’s just one short step improved from a “pick and plunk” arrangement, all held in a recycled jam jar.  My daughter declared it “rustic.”006Though there was a light coating of frost on the car windshield this morning, the temperature stayed slightly above freezing, and all of my remaining flowers came through the cold night unscathed.  The long-range forecast indicates no freezing temperatures for the next nine nights, so there’s a good chance I’ll have one more week of pretty blooms to choose for next week’s In a Vase on Monday feature, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  013