Here is what I saw when I looked out my living room window this morning:002Before I found the camera, this white-tailed doe nibbled a bit on some Kousa Dogwood leaves.  I’m happy she found them distasteful and moved away too soon for me to get a picture of her in the act!  (She also stayed a very short time in the marigolds!)

The Kousa’s leaves are slowly turning burgundy, and it sports a few light red, bumpy berries about an inch and half in diameter:Kousa Dogwood berryThe landscaper who planted it for me was surprised to hear that it hasn’t shed its leaves yet, since it is so newly transplanted and has had such a dry late summer and early fall.  He credits me for keeping it and the other new shrubs so well watered.  The hose has been a steady presence here indeed since June!

The doe in Dogwood Corner had company, two youngsters among the Cosmos:006Can you spot the ear of the second young deer in this photo?  Look just above the second wall block from the left.

On Bloom Day last week, I posted this picture of the downtrodden Terrace Garden Cosmos.  Now I know the guilty party responsible for this destruction.  To think I blamed the turkeys!076

In all, five deer perused the Terrace Garden this rainy morning before making their way into the wooded area across the street.  I’m amazed I don’t see more damage than I do!