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Halloween morning dawned to some frost on the pumpkin:047. . . and the Autumn Joy Sedum:042. . . the ferns:001. . . and the roses:013This sunlight had already touched and thawed these once glorious Cosmos, now hanging limp:015There will be no more Monday vases full of marigolds from Dogwood Corner this year!027
029Good-bye, my beautiful Cleome!  I look forward to seeing your progeny here next year.032All is not lost, however!  The containers on my side porch seem to have escaped Jack Frost’s grip this morning:009It’s still a colorful display with snapdragons, Marguerite Daisies, Bacopa, nasturtiums, Scaevola, and Lantana blooming as though it were still summer, alongside the hardier autumn mums.  There are even a few brave petunias still soldiering along!

The Pineapple Sage, named for the scent of its leaves, has more cherry-red flowers now than it has had all summer.  My favorite farm market vendor who sold it to me told me its blooms would be inconsequential.  I think she was wrong! 011I’m glad to have had such a lovely, extended fall growing season, but now I am ready to move on.  There are houseplants to nurture, bulbs to plant for indoor forcing, and visions of next year to dream!045