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Well, we finally had a hard frost here, so there will be no more vases of Cosmos, Zinnias, or Marigolds until next year!  Instead, I chose to clip the remaining rosebuds from my pink cluster rose and Rosa ‘Chihuly’, along with some stems from the unscathed, more protected container garden on my side porch.

Here is a nosegay of short yellow snapdragons and pink cluster roses, in a vase I bought in Venice twenty years ago:035

Thinking it needed something to fill it out a little more, I tried adding a sprig of purple Bacopa, but I liked the arrangement better with just the pink and yellow.059The next vase contains the three remaining buds of Floribunda Rose ‘Chihuly’.  They are still quite tight, and I don’t know whether they’ll open now indoors.  I’m fairly certain there was no chance they would open outside at this point in the year.  I paired them with all the cardinal-red flowers from my Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans).  048I found out after I bought it that ‘Chihuly’ is hardy only in Zone 6 and above.  I’m hoping that with enough TLC and mulch, I can coddle it through to survive in my Zone 5 garden!
058Thanks go to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly vase party!