Our first killing frost of the fall struck last Friday morning, on Halloween.  I’ve had nary a moment to spend in the garden since then, but, as you can see from these views of the Terrace Garden this afternoon, there’s a fair amount of clean-up to be done!

The Cleome and marigolds in Dogwood Corner need to be pulled.  I wonder if Bad Kitty will help!  012The violet Salvia ‘Evolution’ still looks nice, though, and the Kousa Dogwood has just begun to lose its leaves.

The Cosmos in both Shrubbery Row and the corner near the garage lie limp and brown.  Beyond the garden, the young White Birch trees hold the last of Autumn’s gold.

015Looking down the garden, I saw someone in my neighbor’s yard watching me.  You may need to click on and enlarge this picture to see my “friend,” just to the left of the bottom end of the upper wall:
020The deer this year have been particularly bold, and I’m surprised they haven’t made their way up my lawn to attack the Jack-O’Lanterns.  They will get them soon enough; it is our custom each November to carry the decaying pumpkins to the upper edge of the forest for the deer to enjoy.  They last a short time once they’re up there!

Here’s one last look at the Terrace Garden today, looking straight down from the top.  You can see just a few blooms remain on some the perennials in the section at the top:022Hopefully next time’s long views of the Terrace Gardens will look more tidy!