Bare, gray trees and shades of golden brown predominate the views from my back deck as the low hanging sun worked its way through the overcast this morning.  To my right, the vegetable garden stands waiting for me to pull the frost-killed annuals out and spread the waiting pile of leaves:018

Rotating just a bit to the left, the children’s play set comes into view.  Even as teenagers, they occasionally make their way up there to swing or climb a bit:010

Swinging to the left a little more, here are the tree house and lasagna garden.  The bright, healthy green foliage of some of the perennials in the lasagna garden stand out nicely, and, though they’re too small to see from the porch, the Autumn Sage (Salvia greggi) still has a few bright pink flowers:008The blotch near the top of one of the trees on the left is a squirrel’s nest.  Now that the leaves have fallen, we have spotted several up there.  This time of year, we frequently see squirrels running back and forth along the old rock wall that is barely visible at the very back edge of the yard.

One more nudge to my left brings the rock garden and side porch into view.  Near the large boulder, the Autumn Joy Sedum still shows a bit deep burgundy, and a few of the pink and white roses are still blooming to spite the frost!  I am rather fond of the copper color the ferns take on at this time of year:


The hose snakes its way from a spigot next to the side porch, around the big boulder, and up the hill to the lasagna garden which I continue to water in order to send the new perennials there into the winter as hydrated and healthy as possible.

Not visible from this distance, in the corner of the blue and yellow garden beside the porch, an alpine Gentian (Gentiana scabra) I planted last fall has come into beautiful bloom with the chilly temperatures.  I saw a lot of Gentian last summer when I visited Mt. Rainier, and I’m happy I can grow it here!  I took this picture yesterday, while the flowers were open to the sunshine:015023Just look at all the buds coming along!  It was well worth the wait to see this very late bloomer thrive!

Finally, a front porch tribute to all of our veterans on this day of remembrance.  Thank you all for your service and sacrifices!024