Hooray!  On Wednesday morning, I planted the last of 365 spring-blooming bulbs, throwing safely tucking fifteen assorted hyacinths into a patch at the outside edge of Dogwood Corner in the Terrace Garden:037This section of the garden was relatively easy to dig, with just a few rocks to pry out.  Earlier in the week, I tried to dig small patches or trenches nearer to the block wall, and, my, was I cursing Pennsylvania soil then!  It’s often said in these parts that rocks are our best crop!

As I planted the bulbs this year, I took the time to jot down what bulbs landed where:005

I neglected that step last year and regretted it this spring, especially when some large, strappy leaves appeared in the rock garden, and I had no idea what they were until I happened upon the invoice from the bulb shipment.  (They were Ornithogalum magnum–Star of Bethlehem).  It’s nice to know what to expect, and I like to keep track of what grows well, what I like, and what comes back in subsequent years.

On Tuesday, which could not have been a more gorgeous day for gardening–sunny and sixty degrees,  I dug a trench along the upper edge of my backyard for King Alfred type daffodils.  I had a moment of mathematical incompetence somewhere along the way, and did not save as many for that area as I had meant to, so instead of thirty, I had only twenty-four to plant.  I failed to discover that before I dug the trench, though, so dug three feet longer than necessary!

First, I loosened the soil with one of my favorite gardening implements, a claw-type tool:001Then I began digging.  The soil was somewhat moist, making the job a bit easier.  Here is a sample of the rocks I pried out of the ground:009In some places, tree and shrub roots were more of a problem than the rocks!004I may or may not have mercilessly cut sections of roots right out of the way!013Once in a while, I stopped and surveyed the view:011Finally, I had an eighteen foot long, six-inch wide, seven-inch deep trench ready for these beautiful, gigantic daffodil bulbs:016Too bad I needed only fifteen feet!  Maybe my back and shoulders would ache just a little less today!  010I can’t wait to look out my kitchen window next April and see the bright, cheerful yellow daffodils against this backdrop:014All told, I planted 64 tulips (within the vegetable garden fence), about 150 assorted narcissi, 15 hyacinths, about 80 alliums, 50 striped squills, and 10 Camassia bulbs.

I put that last hyacinth bulb to bed just in the nick of time.  The weather that morning was still mild, but there was a stiff wind, and signs of something unpleasant brewing:038These clouds brought only drizzle, but on Thursday, the arctic weather system that’s been traversing the country arrived here, blessing us with a high temperature today of 34 degrees, and this:004The hyacinth patch is just to the right of the salvia.  I’m so glad I don’t have to dig any more trenches or patches this year!  Time to get to work on the indoor bulbs now!