As pretty as my potted mums still are, the weather conditions around here don’t bode well for their continued beauty, so I felt free today to pluck rather liberally from them! I chose a bowl with an autumnal feel for this week’s arrangement:025 I filled it with floral foam to help keep these short, thick, multi-flowered stems in place.  Last week I stuck a stem of mums in a vase, and it behaved badly, continually popping itself up out of the vase and disrupting the other flowers!

I ventured out into the rain and chill of the day to pick some of my friendly neighbor’s Miscanthus for an accent, and I thought I would see how some barberry stems would look with it.023  013I think it’s quite a nice effect.  Of course I had to work carefully with the barberry to avoid finger pricks!  I’m happy to report no blood was shed in the creation of this vase!015Before I started participating in “In a Vase on Monday”, I did not know that I would be able to create such a colorful vase this far into November, nor would I ever have thought to use prickly barberry stems in an arrangement!  This meme, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, provides a fun exercise in creativity each week, especially at this time of year!  005Oh!  I almost forgot!  I’m doing a test to see whether Gentian can be a usable cut flower.  Outside, the flowers open and close with the light.  I am curious whether they will do so in the house or if they’ll just close up and fail to re-open.  I cut three stems, one with a flower already open, and two with buds that seem set to open tomorrow.  Stay tuned for updates!033