In light of what much of the United States is experiencing today, perhaps the most remarkable thing about today’s view is the complete lack of snow!  We are experiencing frigid temperatures and a few snow flurries in northeastern Pennsylvania today, but no accumulating snow.020The rock garden maintains a certain attractiveness, with the now deep purple heads of the ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum and the spent, but still bright yellow potted mum among the bronzed ferns and dark seed heads of the perennials. The un-carved pumpkins will continue to add interest until after Thanksgiving, when I will chuck them into the woods for the deer.  (One year I left the pumpkins in the garden all winter, and it was not pleasant to remove their decayed, slimy carcasses once they thawed out in the spring!)

Across the lawn from the rock garden is the blue and yellow garden, barely visible in this picture.  Very close to the right edge, about halfway up, you may be able to see some of the blue gentian, bravely continuing to bloom in the cold.  I wonder how long it will continue.

And yes, that is my hose you see, still stretched out across the yard.  I’m venturing outside to bring it inside and put it away now.  Really, really, I am!