I will be away from home much of this week, so I chose not to create a new vase today.  However, I do want to report on last week’s experimental vase of Gentian:033My question was whether these flowers would open and close as cut flowers the same way they do outside in the garden.  And the answer is . . .


YES!  In fact, the buds that were closed when I brought them inside last Monday opened up within a couple of hours of being brought into the warm house.  008When the house cooled down and darkened overnight, the flowers closed again.

The flowers have lasted well.  Picked on Monday, they still look nice on Sunday.  Some of the secondary buds in each cluster have grown and begun opening as well; I was not sure they would.  Here is the vase on Sunday morning, while the house was still chilly and the light fairly dim:011We had some bitterly frigid weather over the past week, but the Gentian plant looks only a little worse for the wear:013There are still A LOT of beautiful buds!  014The weather this week is forecast to be milder than last, so perhaps I’ll still be able to create a pretty arrangement with these Gentian next Monday!  Wouldn’t they look gorgeous with some foliage from the Dusty Miller growing along my front walk? 017Thank you to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for creating and hosting this weekly meme of flower vases!