There’s a whole lot of pale in the scenery today!
781Today we had but a quick inch of snow, and the threat of an icy mix tonight.  It was enough to send the school kids home early and knock me harshly back to the reality of December in northeastern Pennsylvania after a week of idyllic weather in Texas!

Tomorrow’s local forecast promises a high temperature in the high-forties, so this snow won’t be here long.  It’s a good thing, too, because I still have outdoor chores to complete!

I need to pull the dead zinnias and sunflowers out of the vegetable garden, or at least cut them down, and then spread the pile of leaves over its surface.  (That lump of snow in the center is really a leaf pile.)  This simple act will go a long way toward preventing early season weeds next spring, and the decaying leaves will enrich the soil once they are tilled into it.783I’ll trim back the roses in the rock garden now that there’s no chance of any more new growth this year, and then give them a thick blanket of leaves. 780The biggest job will be to spray the twenty or so miniature boxwoods in the Terrace Garden with Wilt-Pruf in an attempt to stave off winter burn.  Being young, tender, and in a location exposed to cold and wind, they need all the protection I can give them!788As I surveyed this view, my mind’s eye saw an image of twinkling white lights in each dwarf Alberta spruce tree on the second level.  Then reality hit me in the face again as I considered the effort and expense it would take to make that happen!  It would be well worth it though . . .  hmm . . .