We in northeastern Pennsylvania woke this morning to the sound of ice pelting our windows and roofs.  By midday, the temperatures had risen above freezing, and the ice changed to plain rain.

It makes for dreary views of the backyard from the second floor window!021It’s a wet, slushy mess out there right now, but this rain is supposed to turn to snow this evening.  We expect about eight inches (twenty centimeters) of snow by late tomorrow. It’s a good thing I spent some hours outside over the weekend finishing up some outstanding garden chores, such as mulching the lasagna bed and cutting back the roses.023

Now here is the vegetable garden.  I had to stretch quite far out the window for this shot, so the angle is askew.  You can see I finally got out there over the weekend and pulled the remaining annuals and spread the big pile of leaves over it.  It makes me happy to see it look so tidy, and to know the leaves will help block weeds from growing in the spring:009

I hate to leave you with such a cold, gray picture.  Here, then, is a little preview of a post I promise to write very soon, about my afternoon at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas:030