My first batch of Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus ‘Ziva) had a good run, starting their bloom period just before Christmas, and looking their finest for the festival day itself!026013 (2)Five big bulbs from John Scheepers produced sixteen flower stalks topped with clusters of up to fifteen small flowers.  They looked quite nice for twelve days.

But the excitement of Christmas day begins to fade over time, and so did the Paperwhites!  It was clearly time for them to go!013Like the spirit of Christmas in our hearts, however, a few new flowers continued to unfold and blossom forth.  These I chose to cut and use in this week’s vase:015The base of this arrangement is two jelly jars full of Coleus stems, cut in October and now rooted happily on my kitchen windowsill.  I found five still-nice stems among the Paperwhites and simply plunked them into the jars with the Coleus.  021I like the contrast between the darker Coleus leaves and the bright white flowers. 049 I also enjoy the light scent emitted by just these few stems.  On Christmas Day, when the whole pot was at its height of bloom and the room was warm and crowded, the sharp odor was overwhelming, and we found it necessary to move it into the cool garage for a while.  Aside from that, it was generally quite bearable.046I’m happy to extend the life of these beautiful little flowers for a few more days!  Thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for continuing to host this weekly party!