We in the Northeast United States are in the midst of yet another Arctic wave.  The temperature at 6:30 this morning was ten degrees below zero (-23 C) at my house, and that was one of the warmer readings I saw reported!

At the front of the house, the rhododendrons showed their displeasure with the temperature,040while the icicles on the alcove gutters shimmered in the golden sunrise:004Don’t let that flaming sun deceive you; it was COLD!

Meanwhile, a show was beginning in my backyard.  Just after sunrise, small glints of light appeared up in the forest and along the very back edge of the lawn:001003The sun casts a lovely pink glow this early in the morning.

Less than ten minutes later, light spread over half the lawn:021Half an hour past sunrise, with the sun a bit higher in the sky, the light cleared and colors showed true:

036The sun continued its daily trek across the southern sky, lighting up nearly the whole yard and casting long shadows by mid-morning:060By mid-afternoon, the sun had fallen considerably, and the shadows were even longer:061Our property’s topography prevents us from seeing spectacular sunsets, but we do get to see a bit of pink in the evening sky:078At the same time, a rosy hue suffuses the distant hills in the east, visible from the front of the house:
071Finally, it is dusk, and all we see are the silhouettes of the trees across the backyard:099I never tire of this show and find joy in observing the little changes in it from season to season, month to month, week to week, and sometimes even day to day.