The skies held great promise early this morning.017

But, alas!  The promise did not hold, and this afternoon, the snow began.

026By dinnertime, about two inches of snow had fallen, and the precipitation had turned to sleet.  We expect a bit more snow, then freezing rain through the night.  Temperatures are supposed to rise into the mid-thirties tomorrow morning, and there may be some rain.  027

In undisturbed spots, over two feet of snow lay on the ground.  The hum of the furnace seems a constant companion.  The cats exhibit signs of cabin fever, chasing their own shadows and each other about the house.  My children have enjoyed eleven snow days, fourteen 2-hour delays, and two early dismissals due to weather this winter.

It’s possible I’ve lost my sense of humor.  021

Optimism prevails, though, as my first tomato seedlings sprouted today, atop that constantly humming furnace, and over the weekend I sowed lettuce and spinach seeds in two milk-jug “greenhouses” and set them on the back porch, in hopes of getting an early start on those crops.

This is March in northeastern Pennsylvania.009