March roared in like a lion last week, bringing heavy snow, ice, and some of the coldest temperatures of the winter.  This was the scene in my yard last Tuesday:026Happily, March has taken a lamb-like turn this week, bringing us more sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper-forties during the day.  It even stayed above freezing overnight on Tuesday!

The snow is slowing melting and evaporating away.  For comparison, look at the vegetable garden a week ago, filled with just over two feet of snow:683Now here is what it looked like yesterday morning, down to an eighteen inch snow pack:001There’s more evidence of greenery in the Terrace Garden, and the stone wall is beginning to show its face again:014The snow still lies deep and sculpted in the rock garden, where sun exposure is limited at this time of year:004I can venture to the mailbox without my coat and gloves now, and my son’s school track team has practiced outside all week.  I have pepper and tomato seedlings thriving under lights in my basement.  A friend who lives not too far away has reported snowdrops blooming in his yard!  One day soon, I will clamber over the snow banks lining my road and clip some pussy willow branches to bloom in the house:689Spring is most decidedly on its way!