You may have heard today was a very special “Pi Day”, with the date and time matching the first ten digits of this magic number—3/14/15 at 9:26:53.

Here’s how we celebrate Pi Day in this houseful of math geeks, not just this unique year, but every year:003This is Cherry-Berry-Rhubarb pie, my seventeen year old son’s favorite, made with rhubarb from my garden, blueberries we picked last summer at our favorite patch, and frozen cherries from the grocery store.

And here are two blueberry pies I made for my children to take to school for their math classes’ day-early celebrations yesterday:706My grandmother always said a pie isn’t any good unless it runs over and makes a mess of your oven, so that pie on the left must have been extra-good!

My son is attending a Pi party tomorrow (love those math geeks!), and I will be making a peanut butter pie for that, like this one I made last year:025We waited until 9:26 this evening to eat our pie.  To do otherwise seemed irrational!  016Pi’s virtues are endless.  Did you celebrate the “Pi Day of the Century”?