Yes, I’m showing you more pictures of snow in my gardens.   But, there’s less of it this week!

In the Terrace Garden, much of the wall is visible again, and I can see bits of all seven Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees.009Some of the Pieris japonica (Mountain Fire, Lily of the Valley Bush) have been revealed as well!008There’s even BARE GRASS along the edge of the front walk!  I so totally need to plant snowdrops here next year, and/or early crocuses!017Last Tuesday, there were eighteen inches of snow in the vegetable garden:001This week, there are but ten inches there, and we can see the boulders on the hill behind it!003Perhaps the best sight of all today was this, in a bare spot near a natural spring across the street from my house:006Thanks for stopping by to see my Tuesday’s views!