Spring has finally arrived here in my little corner of Pennsylvania, and a few flowers have opened their petals up to the very welcome rays of the sun.  Mostly, I have crocuses, such as these, under a rhododendron bush: 021I planted these several years ago, and don’t remember what their proper names are. I need to remember to plant more there this fall, perhaps some yellow ones.

In the front yard, around the Rose of Sharon, a smattering of Species Crocuses is blooming.  These crocuses bloom a little earlier than many others, and were indeed the first of mine to open this spring.  This mix includes Crocus chrysanthus ‘Goldilocks’, ‘Blue Pearl’, and ‘Cream Beauty’; Crocus biflorus ‘Purity’; and Crocus tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant’:049

051055And here is a duo of striped crocuses in the lasagna bed.  I do not remember planting any crocuses up there; maybe the squirrels are responsible?015

Pansies showed up at the local nurseries last week, and I spent a lovely hour Monday afternoon planting some.  Our resident wildlife mandates that pansies be planted in containers, such as these boxes that I put on the back deck railings, where I can see them from my kitchen window:031028I also potted up a few for the side porch:024035There are a few things that just weren’t quite ready for Bloom Day this month, such as my Hellebore ‘Pink Frost’, with three times as many buds this year, its second in the lasagna bed, as it had last year:009There are a few Striped (Lebanese) Squill (Puschkinia scilliodes) about to burst open as well, both in the lasagna bed and the barren hillside behind the vegetable garden:017

Of course I have some things still blooming in the house.  My African violets are pumping out blossoms like it’s their job, and the Christmas cactus has been blooming since just before Easter!046044Once the violets finish this bloom cycle, I really need to separate them again!

Finally, here is Hippeastrum Amaryllis ‘Elvas’, flowering atop its second bloom stalk, twice as tall as the first, which bloomed back in February:042I just wish she would hold her heads up higher!

This monthly flower party for garden bloggers is hosted by Carol, author of the blog May Dreams Gardens.  It’s always fun to pop over to her blog to see what other gardeners all over the world have blooming in their gardens this month!  Happy Bloom Day!037