With the weather warm and spring finally here, one would expect that maybe, just perhaps, I might choose some outdoor flowers for my first spring foray back into the In a Vase on Monday party hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  After all, I do have some pansies, Lebanese squill, and daffodils blooming now.  However, there aren’t so many yet that I want to remove them from the gardens to bring inside.  Additionally, I had a bloom indoors that I wanted to use.

Thus, I present you with this week’s vase, the final bloom from Hippeastrum Amaryllis ‘Elvas’:014On the stalk, the flower head drooped down, shyly hiding its inner beauty, and the stalk itself had taken on a precarious tilt.  Though I’d never thought of amaryllis as a cut flower, I’ve seen several other bloggers successfully and beautifully feature them in their vases over the winter, so decided it couldn’t hurt to try it myself.  I’m quite pleased with the result!

And actually, I did use some outdoor garden material in this vase, pairing ‘Elvas’ with a few winter-damaged branches of Pieris japonica (Mountain Fire, or Lily of the Valley bush) that I picked up from the ground while tidying up the Terrace Garden earlier in the week.  Though the stems were broken, the leaves were still green, so I brought a few inside to see how they would fare.  Within two days, the buds opened.  They make a great backdrop for the Amaryllis:

012 - Copy

The weather was ideal on Sunday when I assembled this arrangement, so I took the vase outside and photographed it in the rock garden, among some candytuft (Iberis) that is on the verge of blooming.

013012I really like it in this natural setting.  It almost seemed a shame to bring it back indoors to set on the corner of the piano! (Where I forgot to take a picture of it!)  Next week, I will no doubt feature some outdoor spring blooms, but for this week I’m quite happy with this Amaryllis!