003We’ve done some redecorating in our dining room and living room, and the piano now sits against the back of a sofa in the center of the two rooms.  Since we had a guest for dinner last night, I thought it would be festive to decorate with flowers on the piano.  Rather than just one big vase, I liked the idea of lining up several, each with its own variety of flower.  With the exception of the Rudbeckia, they all came from the Terrace Garden.007

I used some of my very plentiful, self-seeded, Cleome.  Its petals were shrunken from dehydration when I brought them in (we’re having a dry spell, and I didn’t water yesterday), but they plumped back up nicely after an hour in the vase water:006The Obedient Plant may be a big bully in the garden, but it looks lovely in a vase!  Now that it’s in full bloom, it’s winning me over, so maybe I won’t rip it all out, after all:019There were only a few nice looking perennial sunflower blossoms on the plants, so I bolstered this vase with some Rudbeckia as well.  The sunflowers have orange centers; the Rudbeckia black:012Here’s some Russian Sage, adding some height to the group, and messily dropping spent flowers on the scarf after only a day:027030Next to the Russian Sage sits my bisque vase full of Pink Sensation Cosmos, also plentiful and self-seeded:029A vase of furry Liatris anchors the collection.  I’m very happy the deer have left this plant alone thus far this year, since they nibbled it to the ground before it could bloom last year:020Now I just have to hope that as my daughter pounds out her Hanon exercises, the piano stays still and the flowers don’t vibrate their way off of it!021Many thanks to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for reliably hosting this party that reminds and encourages gardeners to bring some of their flowers indoors to enjoy each week!