After a few very dry weeks and several storms that neatly skirted right around our town, we were blessed last night with some very heavy rain.  The self-seeded Cosmos at the corner of the garage suffered badly, falling down to block the sidewalk:005In the Terrace Garden, the Russian Sage bore the brunt of the storms:006It’s easy to tell what direction the wind drove the rain!

The Liatris took a small hit:015

The Cosmos in the Terrace Garden fared better than those by the garage, and you wouldn’t know the Obedient Plant had seen any rain at all:008Look how straight and tall the perennial sunflowers still stand!010(As a side note, this combination of yellow sunflower, purple Russian Sage, and pink Cosmos is one of my favorite vignettes in the garden, especially when the Russian Sage is not lying on its side!)

Finally, the Cleome still stand proud and tall, just happy, I am sure, to have received a drink from Mother Nature:013I know I’m relieved not to have to haul the hoses all around the yard again for at least a few days!025