009I am one who lives in denial of autumn until I absolutely have no choice but to accept that it has arrived and is going to stay!  After an extended period in September of very warm, dry weather, the temperatures over the weekend dropped drastically, and we had a couple very rainy days.  I cannot deny it any longer; fall is here.  029

The flowers of mid-summer look sad and bedraggled, but the autumn blooms are dazzling in their finery!  Today’s vase features some of those flowers: Asters ‘Peter III Blue’, who grew very tall and lanky in their state of neglect this summer; Marigold ‘Jaguar’, a hybrid variety which bloomed true from seeds I collected last fall; Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, currently burgundy, but working its way toward russet; wild Goldenrod, growing with too much abandon in the rock garden; and Zebra Grass (Miscanthus sinensis), plucked with permission from my neighbors’ large bed.  013Many thanks go to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for faithfully hosting this weekly party of varied and beautiful vases!  026