Every fall, I make it a point to order at least one Narcissus cultivar I’ve never grown before.  Last year,  I chose four.  ‘Kedron’ is the first of my new daffodils to bloom this spring.DSC_4417


IMG_0009 (1)

Scheepers describes Kedron’s color as  “pale amber-copper to apricot-yellow.”  I can tell you it is a difficult color to photograph!  I made multiple trips up the hill with the camera to shoot this flower in all sorts of light conditions, and still had to do a fair amount of Photoshopping to get it sort of right!

Kedron’s flowers measure about three inches across, and it ranges in height from eighteen to twenty inches.


It is supposed to bear two to six flowers per stem, but none of mine that is currently blooming has more than one.  One stalk does have two buds, but it is the exception.

DSC_4136(Also, this bud is much more orange in real life!)

With its unusual coloration,  Kedron is better appreciated up close than at a distance.  When I view it up in the lasagna bed from my kitchen window, all I see is yellow, rather than its warm peachy tones.

IMG_0015 (1)

In my Zone 5 garden, Kedron began opening at the very end of April, as the King Alfreds were shriveling, and just as the doubles (‘Double Fashion’ and ‘Sorbet’) were at their peak. (Update: It reached its bloom peak during the second week of May.)   Narcissus ‘Kedron’ is a nice choice to extend the daffodil season!