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We were blessed last week with five consecutive days of gorgeous weather, and both the gardens and gardener loved it!  Here’s what’s happening in the Terrace Garden in mid-May.

While Narcissus ‘Pueblo’ is nearing the end of its bloom cycle, the wild Ajuga (transplanted here from my lawn) is filling in nicely, along with the creeping phlox (Phlox subulata ‘Early Spring Dark Pink’), in its second spring here.  This is its “creeping year”; I hope it really “leaps” for next spring and begins to spill over the wall!DSC_4354


I’m particularly enamored of these stately blooms, Fritillaria persica (Persian Lily):DSC_4402

These have been blooming for about two weeks now, and have held up well through the many vagaries of weather we’ve had this May!  They range in height from twenty-one to forty inches!   I’m glad I had the foresight to stake them while they were still relatively short.  What I don’t know is whether they’ll come back next year.  I hope so; these bulbs aren’t cheap!  But, oh, how pretty!DSC_4597


Now here’s a little patch of Narcissus ‘Sorbet‘ and ‘Tahiti’:DSC_4359

And here are a few ‘Beautiful Eyes‘:DSC_4395

Here’s Dogwood Corner, with grape hyacinths, and several Narcissi, including ‘Sorbet’, ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’, and ‘Stratosphere’:DSC_4468


In the rock garden, Alyssum ‘Basket of Gold’ brightens up the boulders!DSC_4603(I’ll have to get after the groundskeeper for letting that maple seedling grow so tall in there!)

There’s also some Candytuft (Iberis) that pre-dates our arrival at this house thirteen years ago:DSC_4600

. . . and a very little bit of creeping phlox:  DSC_4617


My little tulip patch continues to evolve, with the earlier bloomers (‘Sweetheart’, ‘Apricot Impression’, and ‘Poco Loco’) wide open and even beginning to drop petals now:DSC_4581

I planted ten ‘Dreaming Maid’ bulbs last fall, but only two came up and bloomed.  It’s a shame; they’re a lovely shade of pinkish-purple:DSC_4574

‘Sunset Miami’ is a riot of colors and reminds me of a colorful circus tent!  It will get its own blog post soon!DSC_4547

The ‘Golden Artist’ tulips are beginning their bloom cycle, and boy do they have a lot going on!  There will be more to come about them soon as well:DSC_4558


The Lasagna Bed is full of color now, with several varieties of daffodils at or just past their peak, old-fashioned Bleeding Heart, Ajuga, and Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ all blooming together:DSC_4409

Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, watched over by Narcissus ‘Kedron’:DSC_4613

Narcissus ‘Yazz’ in front of Brunnera and Bleeding Heart:DSC_4615

Narcissus ‘Double Fashion’, Ajuga, Bleeding Heart, and Brunnera:DSC_4608(I remember saying last year that I need to move those daffs to a spot where they don’t block the Bleeding Heart!  Perhaps when the groundskeeper pulls the maple tree of of the Alyssum, she’ll also move those bulbs, LOL!)

The first Lamium ‘Beacon Silver’ bloom, a little later than last year:DSC_4614

Narcissi ‘Kedron’, ‘Yazz’, and a few ‘Quail’ (the solid yellow daffs mixed with Kedron on the far right of the picture):DSC_4424

I love this time of year when there are so many colors all at once in the Lasagna Bed!

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly blog party full of beautiful blooms!  Check out her blog and the list of other participating bloggers on the fifteenth (or so!) of each month, and I’m sure you’ll find some new favorites and some good gardening friends!  DSC_4435