Over the weekend, I finally stopped procrastinating and got to clearing out the vegetable garden for seed planting.  (Yes, I will have the latest bean harvest in town!)  One thing I needed to do was pull four or five healthy clumps of wild ox-eye daisies out of the ground.DSC_5254

The flowers were so pretty I couldn’t bear to chuck them all into the weed pile, so before I pulled the plants, I clipped the flowers.  I cut stems with open blossoms and fat, ready to open buds.  I specifically chose a simple canning jar to plunk the flowers into and placed it in the middle of the table on our side porch.  I suppose a burlap or gingham ribbon wrapped around the jar would have been just the ticket to make this bouquet charmingly Pinterest-worthy!  IMG_0001 (6)Within an hour, the gusty wind of the day had blown the rustic arrangement right over, so I started again, this time with several small rocks in the bottom of the jar for stability.  It’s stood there without incident for nearly three days now.


The daisies are so pretty at this time of year, and so abundant in my gardens!  For the most part, I leave them where they sprout until they’re done blooming, and then I pull out the plants.  I have no qualms doing this; they always come back next year!


Thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly vase party!  It’s always fun to see what other bloggers choose to pick and display from week to week!