Late June is prime season for roses in my garden, and the most vigorous of all is Rosa ‘Alba Meidiland’.  DSC_5381

‘Alba Meidiland’ is classed as a ground cover shrub rose, and boy does it sprawl!  Mine is currently almost six feet wide.  It can grow very long canes; I’ve seen some reach eight feet up and across the rocks behind it.  Its overall height is three feet.DSC_5387

The flowers of ‘Alba Meidiland’ are fully double and average two inches in width.  They are borne in large clusters at the ends of the canes.  They have no discernible scent.  The foliage is dark green and glossy.DSC_5350

This rose blooms continuously throughout the summer, though its finest flush is now.  One website claims that there is no need to deadhead ‘Alba Meidiland’, but I prefer the look of the plant if I do snip off the spent blossoms.  The same site claims that this rose requires very little pruning, but I prune it back by more than half each spring.  I also need to prune it now and then through the summer, just to keep it under control!   Pruning it and weeding around it are no easy tasks–this plant is full of thorns!  Lovely as she is, ‘Alba Meidiland’ really is a monster!  DSC_5347

When the weather gets hot and humid in July, ‘Alba Meidiland’ can succumb to black spot.  I try to keep her dusted or sprayed to avoid it, but it’s hard given how very thick she grows!  Insects also like her; here are a few already taking up residence:DSC_5379I have some nice neem oil that should take care of those!

I did not choose or plant ‘Alba Meidiland’ (but I’m happy she’s here!).   She was in this garden when we moved into the house thirteen years ago, and has performed well every single year.  I don’t do anything special to protect her in the winter, beyond perhaps a thin layer of leaves.  She is hardy to USDA climate zone 4.  I usually don’t prune in the fall, but wait until spring once I see new growth.  Some years I sprinkle some slow release rose fertilizer around her base; many years I don’t.  She grows well either way!DSC_5382

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