By now, most of my readers know that I always create a garden of containers on my side porch, and I will devote at least one blog post to their contents during the summer.  However, I think it’s  rare that I’ve shown you the view of the porch as a whole.  Today I bring you my side porch from four perspectives!

Here it is, almost straight on, from the driveway:DSC_5541There’s sweet alyssum and wax begonias under the rhododendron, and Lamb’s Ear and lavender in the ground right along the front edge of the porch.  This is the best year the lavender’s ever had–that clump is nearly three feet wide!

I moved to the left a bit and took a diagonal, kitty-corner view:DSC_5571The tall plant with the small red flowers is my houseplant, Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii).  The hanging basket on the right is full of pansies; the one on the left contains yellow petunias and a purple Scaveola (Fan Flower).  The half-barrel on the ground contains the one Canna Lily that came up (out of five planted!), a Lantana that I transplanted just a few days ago out of a very overcrowded pot on the porch, and a few ‘Jaguar’ marigold seeds I stuck in there just last week.

Moving around farther left, here is a side view, which includes my blue and yellow themed bed:DSC_5538There’s very little blue in there at the moment, but some ageratum is coming along, and the tall balloon flowers (the tall clump nearest to the trellis) should bloom soon.  The Coreopsis has started, and the marigolds are getting going.  On the porch deck, from left to right, there’s a Hibiscus with several buds but no bright red flowers right now, a Jalapeno pepper, a cherry tomato (ran out of room in the real veggie garden!), another Jalapeno, and a window box holding blue-violet vincas, yellow petunias, and pink guara.  The elephant ear dominates the corner, especially the oldest, largest, most bleached-out leaf.  (I wonder whether I should just remove that stalk at this point.)  You can also see the jar full of Ox-eye Daisies up on the table, still going strong after ten days!

Finally, here’s the view from the porch itself, my view when I drink my morning tea or eat my lunch at the table there:DSC_5564It’s really a pleasant place to while away an afternoon with a good book and glass of iced tea, too!

I’m linking with Words and Herbs, where Cathy shows us the same view of her hillside rock garden each Tuesday to track the changes from week to week.  If you’d like to share a long view of your gardens, please feel free to join in on Tuesday’s Views!