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The gardens were drenched with a weekend of rain (close to four inches!), but I was determined to dash out and pick a bouquet nonetheless.  It was a trip worth the wet feet and soggy skirt hem!DSC_6022

Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’ is a powerhouse and still full of blooms, so I started with several of her stems.  The Obedient Plant is just hitting its stride, so I snipped several of its sturdy spires as well.  I filled out the arrangement with a stalk of Liatris,  some tall Balloon Flower stems, and a single sprig of Russian Sage.  DSC_6031

I wanted to put this arrangement on the piano, which is a center divider of our large living/dining room, so it needed to look good from all sides.  I started in the center with the taller items–the Balloon Flower, Liatris, and Russian Sage.  I surrounded them with a circle of Obedient Plant, and then finished with a lower circle of the daisies.  DSC_6046

I know the daisies and Obedient Plant will last most of the week in the vase, but I’m not sure how long the Balloon Flower will hold, or whether its larger buds will open.  I’ll let you know next week how it goes!  DSC_6044

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden is kind enough to host this weekly party of vases, and she always amazes me with the creativity she puts into the presentation of her own vases!  Why not check out her site this week to see some perky vases?  Maybe she’ll even inspire you to fill a vase on Mondays!DSC_6036