There was blue sky here in my corner of northeastern Pennsylvania late this afternoon!  It’s the first we’ve seen since last Friday.  In the past seventy-two hours, nearly six inches of rain has fallen in my gardens, much of it steady and soaking, but with an occasional pounding deluge.

The Terrace Garden looks a little worse for the wear, but it is not as bad as one might imagine:DSC_6062

A few spires of Liatris have fanned out, but most are still standing straight, and Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’, Monarda ‘Pink Supreme’, and Obedient Plant ‘Crown Rose’ seem to have come through the storms with nary a scrape!

The same cannot be said for the Russian Sage, however.  Here is some splayed out in front of the a stalwart Heliopsis:DSC_6067

Perhaps you can spot the first of the self-seeded Cosmos to bloom back behind this nearly flattened Russian Sage:DSC_6066These Cosmos self-seeded in a different bed, and I transplanted them here because not only did I no longer want them in the bed with the Knockout Rose, but additionally, very few sprouted in the Terrace Garden this year, possibly due to the lack of snow cover.  (Those by the rose were better protected with a layer of leaves and a pile of snow shoveled from the sidewalk and driveway on the few occasions we did have snow).   They had a bit of a set-back a few weeks ago when a deer (or two) came by and nibbled their tops, but they are recovering well and have many buds.  The deer may come back again, or perhaps they won’t; it’s always a craps shoot!

I’m a bit disappointed by a lack of progress down in Dogwood Corner.  I planted a few dozen marigolds there in late May.  The the landscaper came and sprayed weed killer in the ditch and between the boxwoods.  The wind must have blown it up to the marigolds as well, because a lot of them became sickly.  I replace about half of them in mid-June, and, while they haven’t died, they’re also not thriving.   DSC_6069I’m also disheartened by the Cleome.  Again, probably for lack of snow cover, only a few came up from last year’s seed, so I ended up planting nursery stock late in June after the plants had spent far too much time in their tiny little starter packs.   There’s a world of difference between those nursery grown plants, which are puny and spindly, and the self-sown specimens, which are strong, well-branched, and vibrant:DSC_6085

The lesson I take away is to call the landscaper much earlier in the spring, before I plant the annuals!

In spite of the rain and the disappointments of Dogwood Corner, the Terrace Garden really doesn’t look so very bad overall:DSC_6088

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