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This week I am featuring one of the showiest flowers in my garden, a hardy Hibiscus called ‘Summerific Berrylicious’.  DSC_6246

I added this flower to my garden just last summer, and for its first year, it is putting on a spectacular performance!  Its dozen stalks average four feet in height, and it has spread to just over four feet in all directions.  DSC_6258

Berrylicious’s flowers are eight to nine inches across and feature a bright red eye in the center of its rich, mauve-pink flowers.  Each flower lasts about two days, and the spent flowers shed themselves.  The buds form in large clusters at the top of the stalks as well as at nodes along the stems.DSC_6241

Its foliage is a medium shade of green, and deeply lobed.  It’s not an unattractive shrub-like plant in July, before it begins its flamboyant bloom cycle!DSC_6244

This Hibiscus is rated hardy from USDA climate zone 4 up.  In my Zone 5a garden, it began blooming on the first of August, and I anticipate it will bloom until September.  It dies back completely after frost, and is slow to appear in the spring.  I saw its first shoots around Memorial Day here.  Deer, rabbits, and woodchucks leave it alone.  It has average water needs, and thrives in full sun, though its label says it will also bloom in partial shade.

Hardy Hibiscus is also known as Rose Mallow.  If you’re looking for a late summer showstopper, I heartily recommend this ‘Summerific (TM) Berrylicious’!DSC_6248

If you have a plant you would like to highlight this week, please feel free to join me!  Just leave a link to your own post in the comments below.  I look forward to seeing what you feature!