The weather has been hot and humid, and we’ve had numerous heavy showers and thunderstorms over the past several days.  I have not gone out to do anything in the gardens, even in the early mornings.  The Terrace Garden is in dire need of weeding and many of the perennials need to be dead-headed.  Therefore, I am not going to show you the Terrace Garden today!

The containers on the side porch, however, do look pretty good, so here they are!DSC_6278Way over to the left, in the half-barrel pot, you can see my experimental Canna is just beginning to bloom.  What makes it “experimental”, you ask?  Well, I would like to grow several Cannas in the rock garden next year, but I am unwilling to put the money and effort in if they are just going to get eaten by one of our woodchucks.  I decided to try one in a pot on ground level to see what happened.  As you can see, it has been a success.  DSC_6273

The yellow petunias are blooming up a storm, in spite of infrequent dead-heading, and the pink Guara has danced nicely above them all summer.  There are a couple of lavender Vinca in that box with them, but they have not thrived and are not providing the color balance I had hoped for.

The arrangement nearest the steps includes a bright yellow Marguerite Daisy, a huge orange Purslane which is open only in the sunlight, some purplish-pink petunias, and a purple Scaeveola (fan flower).  You can also see some of my favorite self-seeded Morning Glories, descendants of a plant my daughter brought home to me for Mother’s Day when she was in second grade, eight years ago!DSC_6268Thank you to Cathy at Words and Herbs for hosting this weekly look at the long views of our gardens!