Well, after six months of blog silence, I’m ready to jump right back in, right where we are now!

Here’s the Terrace Garden, in all its daffodilly spring glory:dsc_7705.jpg

At the top end, there’s a big clump of Narcissus ‘Pueblo’, open now for almost a week.  You can click the link to read more about ‘Pueblo’, which opens pale yellow and fades to white as it ages:DSC_7627

Some Creeping Phlox is starting to bloom between the stones:DSC_7629

A bit farther down, here’s a new-to-me daff, Narcissus ‘Jetfire’, a small Cyclamineus species.  In an elementary attempt at layered gardening, I planted these to provide spring color in the spot where the Obedient Plant will dominate in the summer.  These are nearing the end of their bloom cycle:DSC_7632Look carefully, and you can see some new growth on the Russian Sage in the foreground!

At the other end, in Dogwood Corner, there’s one large clump of Flowering Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) near full bloom, and another nearby that’s about to bloom:DSC_7634Of the eight Spurge plugs I planted last spring, only two have thrived, while two more are growing weakly, and four have disappeared completely.  Also, I planted it to complement the large patches of Muscari (Grape Hyacinths) in that area, but most of the those hyacinths have disappeared!  I’ve made a note to order and plant more this fall; now I must remember to look at the note!  Anyway, I’m pleased with the bright yellow flowers of the Spurge (what a horrible name for something so pretty!) and hope the two spindly growers strengthen into healthy plants!DSC_7636

I’m very pleased to see that two peonies I planted as bare roots last fall have sprouted and are growing well.  This one is ‘Coral Sunset’, overshadowing a pink hyacinth!  I hope it will bloom in its first year here!DSC_7703

Amsonia hubrichtii, also planted last fall, has made me happy with its new growth as well:DSC_7643

We had some very warm weather in mid-winter, and then it got cold again and the Blizzard of ’17 dumped twenty-nine inches of snow on the gardens.  You can see the results of that on the leaves of the Camassia along the wall in Dogwood Corner:DSC_7640Not only do they show freeze damage, but it looks like they’ve been nibbled on as well.  The snow did melt from this area sooner than others, so they would have been easy food for deer and bunnies.  I’m happy to report, though,  that there are indeed buds forming within the clumps!

On to the Rock Garden!  dsc_7645.jpg

Again, daffodils dominate.  There are a few early King Alfred type very near their last days at the near end.  Then there’s a clump of Narcissus ‘Sorbet’, with drooping heads.  It’s a shame they hang down their lovely faces!DSC_7646

Here are more new-to-me daffodils, Narcissus ‘Henriquesii’.  They’re tiny treasures!DSC_7651

Near the far end, Narcissus ‘Fortissimo’, an early bloomer, is fading fast in the heat of the day.  It has bloomed vigorously here for five consecutive years.  I love this daffodil!DSC_7653

Over in the “vegetable” garden, the tulips are glorious!  In bloom right now is the John Scheepers “Princely Tulip Mixture.DSC_7667This mix includes ‘Candy Prince’ (pale purple), ‘Purple Prince’ (dark purple), and ‘Sunny Prince’ (yellow).  Additionally, a leftover and a favorite from last year, ‘Sweetheart‘, made a repeat appearance:DSC_7662Since by necessity I grow my tulips behind the fence of the vegetable garden, I treat them like annuals, digging up and discarding the bulbs each spring and choosing new ones each fall.  I am not unhappy that I missed a couple of these last year!

But hark!  There are vegetables growing here too!  Welcome to the world, baby lettuce!DSC_7661

My back hill has been a persistent trouble spot.  It’s sunny, steep, and rocky, and subject to deer, woodchuck, and rabbit invasions!  Last fall I planted three Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’ plants up there, and they are all growing well.  Hopefully I’ve finally found the right plant for the right place!DSC_7685

Finally, let’s look at the Lasagna Garden!dsc_7670.jpg

Hellebore ‘Pink Frost’ has some lovely blooms this year, though they are hard to see behind the daffodils!  I appreciate the kindness of my readers in not reminding me that this is the third consecutive year I’ve said I must move those daffs!  Or maybe I should move the Hellebore?  Hmmm . . .  It would be lovely to have it closer to the house for better viewing.  Hmmm . . .  Do mature Hellebores move well?  DSC_7597


No problems viewing the bright, bold daffodils from the house!  Here is ‘Double Fashion‘, in front of the Bleeding Heart:DSC_7679

Narcissus ‘Kedron’ is reaching its peak, and ‘Yazz‘ is just beginning:DSC_7681

This is a primrose that Frank from Sorta Like Suburbia gave me a couple of years ago.  It didn’t bloom last year, and I despaired, but here it is this year with its sweet pale yellow blossoms!DSC_7684

Lastly, here is one of my two heartleaf Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’.  I adore its tiny, delicate blue flowers!  DSC_7680

I’m happy to be back in the blogging world, and look forward to sharing many more posts with you.  Soon I’ll rejoin Cathy in The Tuesday View and the other Cathy for In a Vase on Monday, and I’m eager for May’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, which is always fresh and colorful!  Thank you to all who visited even in my absence; my stats are much higher than I expected!  I appreciate all of my readers!