My love for Narcissi is obvious to readers of my blog!  Right now, no fewer than  a dozen varieties bloom in my gardens.  Here, then, are two bouquets featuring each of those lovely flowers:DSC_7855

In no particular order, I’ve included Narcissi Double Fashion, Ceylon, Sorbet, Stratosphere, Pueblo, Kedron, Yazz, Jetfire, Henriquesii, Beautiful Eyes, Quail, and one of the last King Alfred types.  If you click on any of the highlighted names, you will find more information about it!

The filler in the vases and the pretty green bow are what remains of my anniversary rose bouquet from mid-April, and the greenery is Palm Sunday palm leaves.  Double duty makes me happy!

The small vase includes the tiniest daffodils:DSC_7850

The flowers of ‘Henriquesii’ are barely an inch wide!  DSC_7837

Narcissus ‘Double Fashion’ has a strong, sweet fragrance that is much more pleasant than the typical sharp scent of many daffs:DSC_7842

‘Kedron’ and ‘Yazz’ complement one another well.  I love the peachy-pink outline on ‘Yazz’s’ corona.  So much detail there that’s hard to appreciate from afar!DSC_7833

Here are ‘Beautiful Eyes’ (white petals) and ‘Ceylon’, both with orange cups:DSC_7830

Sweet creamy-white ‘Pueblo’:DSC_7840

And lastly, one of my favorites, ‘Sorbet’:DSC_7844

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts a weekly blog party inviting readers to share their own vases of flowers each Monday.  It’s well worth a few moments to enjoy what other bloggers are enjoying in vases on Mondays!