In previous gardening seasons, I’ve made a habit of bringing you a different view of one of my gardens each Tuesday.  Somewhere along the way, I discovered that Cathy from Words and Herbs also does a Tuesday feature, bringing you the view of the same garden throughout the growing season, and inviting others to join in.  I like that idea, and have decided to follow her lead.

I have chosen my rock garden for Tuesday’s Views this year, largely because it is a bed that needs a lot of work!  Perhaps the commitment of weekly accountability will keep me motivated toward improving it.  That’s my  hope!

dsc_7858.jpgThe rock garden lies directly behind our house, facing east.  It is bordered on one end by a gigantic, flat sided boulder and on the other by our back deck.  It receives full sun for most of the day, except at the north end by the deck, where the shade lasts a bit longer.  It was here when we moved in almost fourteen years ago, and some of the original plants are still here.

It’s difficult to photograph this bed, so I will be experimenting with different perspectives for the next few weeks!  Here’s what it looks like from the deck:DSC_7767

So, what’s blooming in the rock garden this first week of May?  Of course there are daffodils– Narcissus ‘Sorbet’ near the north end, two short rows of ‘Henriquesii’ in the middle, and ‘Beautiful Eyes’ near the deck:DSC_7756




The Creeping Phlox and Basket of Gold Alyssum have begun their bloom cycles up on the rocks, and the white Candytuft is just starting!  Candytuft is one of the plants that was here when we arrived.DSC_7748DSC_7747


You can see the ferns are fearlessly marching toward their annual attempt at a garden coup!  DSC_7754

Mother Nature and I are in a constant struggle with this bed.  It is an illustration of the fine line between a natural, yet well-maintained look and total chaos!  Besides the ferns, I fight in here to control wild blackberry vines, Virginia creeper, mock strawberries, bindweed, and an occasional giant thistle.  There’s also a resident garter snake named Severus whom I’ve learned to look for before going to work!

In spite of all the difficulties, I do enjoy this bed and try to keep it looking nice and as colorful as possible throughout the growing season.  I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me every Tuesday!  DSC_7864