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We have been in a real rut of cold, wet weather here lately, so when the sun came out at dinner time tonight, I finished in a hurry and ran outside, leaving my husband to do the dishes, and plucked myself some tulips!  DSC_7893

The tulips are ‘Shirley’ (white with purple edges), ‘Candy Prince’ (lavender), ‘Sunny Prince’ (yellow), ‘Violet Beauty’ (dark purple), ‘Orange Princess’ (orange!), and ‘Charming Beauty’ (apricot).  I filled in the spaces with some sprigs of Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ and Alyssum ‘Basket of Gold’.  A few branches of Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart, its foliage, and a few newly unfurled ferns top off the arrangement.  The ‘Princes’ were the first in this year’s tulip patch to open; the cooler than average weather is helping them last longer than usual.  ‘Charming Beauty’ and ‘Orange Princess’ are somewhat short, peony-flowering tulips in the middle of their bloom period.  ‘Shirley’ and ‘Violet Beauty’ are quite tall, about 18 inches each, and are just beginning to bloom.

I really am charmed by ‘Charming Beauty’:DSC_7905

‘Violet Beauty’, ‘Sunny Prince’, and ‘Orange Princess’ are a nice trio:DSC_7908

‘Shirley’, with Bleeding Heart:DSC_7914

It’s rare for me to pick tulips to bring inside, but this year I have so many in my little patch that plucking half a dozen barely made a dent!  Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly vase party!  DSC_7909