Here’s what mid-May has brought to my gardens this year:

The Lasagna Bed:


The two Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart bushes in the lasagna bed are heavily in bloom right now, and so is one of my two Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’.  Up until a few days ago, there were still several ‘Double Fashion’ and ‘Ceylon’ Narcissi blooming nearby too, and my, didn’t that make a lovely scene with the pink, blue, and yellow!  Just sumptuous, don’t you think?  (Two weeks ago):DSC_7677

Okay, back to the present!  I think Brunnera Jack Frost has the sweetest little flowers ever!DSC_8115

And how can one surpass the perfection of a string of Bleeding Heart?DSC_8122

The Rock Garden:  


The Creeping Phlox, ‘Basket of Gold’ Alyssum, and Candytuft are at their peak this week.  There are still a few stray daffodils here and there–‘Beautiful Eyes’, for example,  is holding on:DSC_8081


The Terrace Garden:  

At the north end of this garden, in Becky’s Corner, the Ajuga reptans (Bugleweed) is coming into its own, complimenting the long-lasting Narcissus ‘Pueblo’ and a small bit of Phlox subulata ‘Early Spring Dark Pink’:DSC_8087I transplanted all of the Ajuga out of our yard.  It took hold easily and spreads quickly.  I was not surprised to learn recently that it is part of the mint (Lamiaceae) family!

Three spires of deep purple Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica) are blooming for a second consecutive year:DSC_8107

Dogwood Corner, at the southern end of this long bed, is bright this week:DSC_8095

Two large clumps of Euphorbia polychroma, commonly known as Spurge, seem to be at their peak.  It’s new to me, so I’ll be curious to see how long it holds its yellow coloration, and whether it will still be in bloom when the Camassia opens in the next week or so.  Oh, I hope so!  DSC_8096

A small patch of Narcissus ‘Sorbet’ still has some life after nearly three weeks in bloom, and a few ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ have recently opened.  I am disappointed to have lost several of these, along with many grape hyacinths, over the winter!DSC_8104

Another late bloomer, ‘Stratosphere’, is ablaze in front of the heavily budded Camassia.  I think I need a few of these up near the Bleeding Heart and Brunnera!DSC_8106Narcissus 'Stratosphere'

And finally, here is my 2017 Tulip Bed:DSC_8042

We’ve had cool damp weather with short intervals of sunshine since the tulips started blooming, and I’m convinced that’s made them particularly glorious this year!  They’ve stayed brighter and lasted longer than any others I remember.

‘Charming Beauty’, a peony-flowering double tulip,  is my hands down favorite, even with its little visitor today!DSC_8061

‘Orange Princess’ is another double variety, coming along a week later than ‘Charming Beauty’:DSC_8053

Scheepers’ “Princely Mix” tulips were the first to open about three weeks ago, and have just recently begun to fade.  Here are ‘Sunny Prince’ and ‘Candy Prince’ as they stand today:

I chose another mixture for later bloom, Scheepers’ “Single Late Pastel Mixture”.  It includes a practically perfect pink Tulipa ‘Pink Diamond’:DSC_8066

and the slightly darker ‘Menton’:DSC_8073

I am 95% certain this is ‘Catherina’ with its yellow anthers, though there’s a chance it could be ‘Francoise’:DSC_8078

Here are two ever-lovely, light purple streaked ‘Shirley’ tulips, flanking what I believe to be ‘Queen of the Night’:DSC_8055The published list for this pastel mix does not include ‘Queen of the Night’, but the phrasing leads me to believe that the mix may indeed include varieties not listed!  This final tulip also is not among those listed, and my closest guess is ‘Sorbet’, which, along with ‘Queen’ is part of the “Single Late Majestic Mixture”.  I’ll be more able to determine whether this one is really ‘Sorbet’ once it opens more fully:DSC_8070

So that’s what’s blooming in my garden in the middle of spring.  I’m linking to May Dreams Gardens, whose caretaker Carol graciously hosts this monthly opportunity for garden bloggers across the globe to share their blossoms with everyone.  So go ahead, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, click on the link, sit back, and enjoy some moments in someone else’s beautiful garden!