There’s really not been much change in the rock garden this week.  The bright gaiety of the Creeping Phlox and Basket of Gold continues to delight me, and the tiny but bold ‘Henriquesii’ Narcissi continue to make a strong statement along the front edge of the bed.  DSC_8130

‘Henriquesii’ has lasted a long time, blooming now for three weeks with nary a shriveled petal!  Our cool wet weather (three inches of rain since last week!) has no doubt helped.  We expect temperatures in the upper eighties tomorrow and Thursday, though, so we’ll see how ‘Henriquesii’ weathers that!

Because of all the rain, I’ve not been able to honor my fifteen minute a day commitment to this bed, but today I was able to get out there and clip the spent flowers off of the clump of Narcissus ‘Sorbet’ and yank out a bin full of ferns.  I also finally removed an irksome maple sapling that wanted to establish itself amidst the Creeping Phlox.  Of course I can’t find a “before” picture, but here’s what it looks like now, without that pesky little tree wanna-be!  DSC_8132

I also planted, in the rain one morning, several little Rose Campion plantlets, enthusiastically donated to me by a local friend who encouraged me to dig as many as I wanted out of her lawn!  We’ll see if any of them blooms in a few weeks.

There’s a nice little group of us now participating in Cathy’s Tuesday’s View meme.  Maybe you’d like to join us in highlighting one of your beds each week throughout the growing season.  I’ve found it’s a great way to see progress and track changes as time goes by.  See you next Tuesday!DSC_8141