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DSC_8173The season of yellow has mostly passed on now, and my garden has entered its blue period.  At the top of the Terrace Garden, the Ajuga, transplanted from my lawn, has taken strong hold and is doing its best to overtake the Creeping Phlox and the threadleaf Coreopsis:DSC_8176

I’m going to have to keep a tight rein on this quickly spreading beauty!DSC_8169

Last year, deer, I believe, grazed on the perennial geranium just before it bloomed.  This year I remembered to spray some repellent on it.  This is my reward:DSC_8181

The Allium ‘Purple Sensation’, more on the pink than blue side of purple,  have begun their bloom cycle:DSC_8186DSC_8187DSC_8188DSC_8189

I wish the Allium had a better track record for naturalizing here.  I would love to have mass plantings of them throughout the gardens, but it is cost prohibitive!  Here are some at the lower end of the Terrace Garden, in Dogwood Corner:DSC_8209

DSC_8192In Dogwood Corner, there’s still a bit of yellow, but it’s fading fast!  There are still a few ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ Narcissi, and the Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma), while still showing some yellow,  is nearly finished for the year:DSC_8208

I’m thrilled that the Camassia has opened!  This is Camassia leichtlinii ‘Caerluea’:DSC_8223A little later this morning, the sun rose above the trees and brightened up the scene a bit!DSC_8263

Narcissus ‘Stratosphere’ survived a couple of ninety degree days last week and is still here to nicely complement the Camassia!DSC_8200

This is the third year this Camassia has bloomed in my garden, and it is thicker than ever.  Since it seems to naturalize so well, it occurs to me it might be a good replacement for some of the Allium.  There are several other varieties available to try, in different shades of blue and even white.  I need to write myself a reminder on a Post-It note and stick to September’s page on the calendar!

Wishing you blue skies and beautiful flowers, no matter their color!DSC_8250