We’ve had quite the assortment of weather conditions for the past week.  Yesterday, the sky was dull and the light was flat all day, and the pictures I took for Tuesday’s View were horrible!  The forecast promised “partly sunny” for today, so I decided to postpone the post for a day in hopes of getting some better photos.

The creepers in the rock garden are beginning to shed some petals, but they’re still largely colorful.  The poor Creeping Phlox has suffered a bit at the appetite of a mother woodchuck, but it’s a survivor.  The Narcissi ‘Henriquesii’ are almost completely done.  I really should cut them back now, but at a distance, they still look nice and I’m unwilling to give up that yellow when so much is still green!DSC_8371

During this relatively quiet, green period, the rock garden nonetheless is poised for great things!  The Dianthus should start to bloom soon; in fact, I found one tiny bloom hidden among all the greenery today!DSC_8391

My ‘May Night’ Salvia is not robust, but some buds are coming along:DSC_8364

Rosa ‘Alba Meidiland’ is a monster and should soon be covered in clusters of small white flowers:dsc_8390.jpgThe yellow ‘Basket of Gold’ Alyssum at its base is complemented quite nicely, I think, by the blue flowers of Veronica persica (aka Birdseye Speedwell or Persian Speedwell), who insists on mingling with Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’.  Pulling it out without also taking a good chunk of the Coreopsis is nigh upon impossible!  It’s a good thing it’s pretty!DSC_8369

In the far corner, a rhododendron has just started to open, in gloriously brilliant magenta:DSC_8345



Finally, there are a couple of Foxglove that will open soon:DSC_8385

This week I will plant some Canna bulbs at the deck end of the garden, along with some annuals, probably marigolds.  I’ll also decide what to do with this fairly empty space at the boulder end.  DSC_8393After 13 years, I’m still looking for the right combination of plants that both works there and makes me happy!

I’m linking to Cathy’s weekly Tuesday’s View feature, and inviting you, as always, to take a look and perhaps even join us with your own Tuesday’s View, even if it’s Wednesday!  DSC_8380