If today were Monday, the title of this post would be “Rainy Days and Mondays!”  However, it is Tuesday, and this week finds me thanking goodness for the rhododendron and the splash of pizzazz it brings to the rock garden during this gray, damp, and dreary spell of weather that’s taken hold here in Northeastern Pennsylvania!  dsc_8433.jpg

There’s no denying that two inches of rain in two days does contribute to a very green, lush landscape!dsc_8454.jpg

There are spits and spurts of other color through the bed, but nothing particularly eye-catching at this time.  I put in a few annuals over the weekend, during the two minutes it wasn’t raining — some coral Dianthus, and some purple Salvia splendens:dsc_8450.jpg

I thought the salvia would be safe from the woodchucks, but it seems they couldn’t resist trying it!  At least only one of the three little groups I planted was sampled (so far!):dsc_8452.jpg

A little sunshine would sure help some of the perennials to come along!  There’s been precious little of that for the past week, and the long-range forecast is, to say the least, discouraging!  Here are a few things that will surely burst into glorious bloom the next time we have more than a few moments of sun!

I think this is Allium unifolium:DSC_8436

Rosa ‘Alba Meidiland’ has been busy growing buds this week!DSC_8439

Penstemon ‘Riding Hood Marble Cream’ is beginning to show her color, in spite of the bindweed trying to strangle her:DSC_8441

I think this is Penstemon ‘Husker Red’.  It’s been here a few years now, and thus far has had only insignificant flowers.  This is the best it’s ever looked, though, so I’m hopeful that this will be its season!  Even without flowers, though, it makes a nice splash of color in a sea of green:DSC_8434

Only a few irises have sent up flower stalks and buds this year.  I’ll have to ask our friend Frank at sorta like suburbia for some tips–his iris patches are soooo luscious!DSC_8443(I think, actually, that part of the problem is that this area is too crowded with other things, like weeds, and the rhizomes aren’t getting the exposure they would prefer!)

The foxglove’s bloom stalk has grown taller, and is just beginning to show us its color near the bottom:DSC_8447

I’m still waiting for the perennial Dianthus and May Night Salvia to open, as well.  Oh please, Mr. Sunshine, won’t you come along soon and help my garden bloom?

As usual on Tuesdays, I’m taking part in Cathy’s Tuesday’s View meme.  There’s a great group of people participating, and it’s a great way to track your garden’s progress through the growing season.  I’m particularly enjoying looking back at last year’s posts and seeing how things compare this year!  Consider joining us, won’t you?DSC_8446