After my whining last week about our discouraging weather pattern and forecast, Mother Nature surprised us all by bestowing three mostly sunny days last week!  The conditions were practically perfect for planting, of which I did much, in OTHER gardens!  Then the cold, gloomy, rainy pattern returned.  It’s made for slow, subtle change in the rock garden this week.


Next to the word lush in the dictionary is a picture of my rock garden in early June!

A few more Dianthus have opened, some nestled in crevices in the rocks:DSC_8488


Two of the irises have opened.  These are double hand-me-downs, passed on to me by a friend who received them from a friend!  I am annoyed with myself for breaking a bud off of one stalk while staking it!  With so few irises flowering this year, I hate to waste a single one!DSC_8494

At the north end, the rhododendron’s blooms are fading and falling, but she’s still a nice splash of color!  One of the foxgloves has started flowering, too.DSC_8472


The middle of the garden is very green, and the ferns are as thick as thieves!  Penstemon ‘Riding Hood Marble Cream’ is a little more open than last week, and I think she’s  probably happy to be free of the pesky bindweed!DSC_8475

DSC_8504 (2)

This week’s forecast calls for improving conditions, with a few showers over the next few days, and then full-on summer heat and humidity beginning over the weekend.  I feel big changes coming for the next Tuesday’s View!


As always, thank you to Cathy of Words and Herbs for hosting the weekly analysis of one particular garden bed!