Welcome to my weekly display of the rock garden, part of Cathy’s “The Tuesday View” meme.  Summer begins tomorrow, and my garden will greet it with some bright, summery color.

The Dianthus are still going strong, while the Allium moly is drooping a bit after some heavy storms yesterday and a stiff breeze today.  Still, I love the combination of the bright pink and yellow:DSC_8701The Salvia,  which seemed sickly earlier in the season, is perking up a bit.  I think it’s happy to be free of quite so many weeds!  Bees find it very attractive!DSC_8708

Rosa ‘Alba Meidiland’ has opened her first flowers:DSC_8721DSC_8711

Penstemon ‘Husker Red’ has reached full bloom.. In advance of the storms yesterday, I staked some of the taller stalks.  DSC_8715Its more diminutive partner, ‘Riding Hood Marble Cream’ is beginning to drop its flowers.

‘Husker Red’s’ flowers are turning a barely discernible, very pale shade of lavender as they age.  I did take a very close look, with my glasses on, inside some of the flowers, and, as I mentioned last week, they do indeed have five stamen!  DSC_8691 They’re another favorite among the bees!DSC_8677

The magenta Dianthus command attention at this end of the garden!DSC_8712

The Foxglove (‘Candy Mountain’) have dropped many of their lower flowers, but a few buds remain atop the spires, so I anticipate a few more days of good color.  Last week I wondered what variety the second, multi-stalked Foxglove is; this week I think it is also ‘Candy Mountain’.  dsc_8730.jpg

Here is the first, which I know to be ‘Candy Mountain’:  DSC_8724

Here is the second.  I had found a tag that said ‘Apricot Beauty’, but this certainly is not that!  What do you think?  Also ‘Candy Mountain’?  Does it even really matter?  DSC_8728

Thanks for stopping by today.  The wild Ox-eye Daisies are waiting in the wings to celebrate the first week of summer, along with the Rose Campion and some creeping sedum blooms.  They, and I, hope you’ll come back for next Tuesday’s View!